Rs 33,000

1st Step of Audio Jingle is Lead Tone Music Composition.

In first stage of audio jingle composition we will provide you 3 types of different lead tone.
For example: 1ST Sa Re Ga 2nd is Sa Ni Tha and 3rd is Ma Ga Re ( this is only example).
You can easily get idea from lead demo in advance that final master how your audio jingle tone will play.
For 1st Stage demo it will take time 48 hours then after we will provide you demo mail for selection.

2nd Step is Instrumental Music Composition.

In this step we will add more powerful music on your lead selected tone which you have already selected.
We add more instruments like guitar, Drum, Strings and all use full instruments which we decide that which instrument will be better for your audio jingle.
Total time will take time 7 to 10 days. And after you will get Instrumental Selection Demo mail.
We will provide you again 3 types of different music instrumental tone.
For Example 1 on slow music. 2 is Fast or some piano, flute instrument used and. 3rd is with some orchestra.
You just select one instrumental tone one of them for next process.

3rd And Final Step is Sound Vocal Singing & Mixing

This is your final demo.
We will record final vocal track with professional singers and more anchoring Recording Speech on your audio jingle.
3rd Final Stage demo will be processed music mixing with all tracks from instruments and Vocals (singing).
And then we will provide your final demo.

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Rs 33,000