Corporate Business Audio Anthem Song
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Powered By is an experienced media production company specializing in radio and television since 2002. We have been offering exceptional corporate caller tune services since 2005. Our team consists of highly skilled and professional radio jockeys who ensure top-notch quality when it comes to music and advertisements. Unlike other rening advertisements for radio and television, we guarantee top-notch and branded services.


What is 🅱️usiness caller tune ?

Business caller tune is a form of concise company identity information that is played before users answer incoming calls. This service is a genuine way for businesses to showcase their introduction. To activate the caller tune, Hiba management inform to Business owners that owners must provide all the necessary and true business information, which is then approved by hiba tunes before activation. This process instills a sense of trust.


What is H🟥I🅱️A™ Tunes ?

    H🟥I🅱️A™ is the name that is specifically related with the history of the Indian Mobile Network. The first character of the name H, is added with respect of the Hutch Mobile Network, which was converted to Vodafone and now VI Network. I for IDEA Network, Which was merge with Vodafone and now VI network, B stands for Bsnl, and A stands for Airtel. The initials H, I, B, and A symbolize Hutch (now VI), IDEA (now VI), Bsnl, and Airtel